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Monthly Archives: November, 2015

The beauty of a book club

My book club members come up with suggestions for books I would never normally read. That’s the beauty of a book club. Mine is run out of the local library, and headed by a well-known journalist, Mary Soderstrom. Mary does a great job of giving us background on the author, so we have a context …

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Writing a book is like sex

I’m a writer. Well, I guess that’s obvious, but what I mean is I’m writing a book, as well as blogging. My YA book has been years in the making. I wrote the scene weave several years ago and only started writing the first draft in earnest in May of this year. I have edited …

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Being abused isn’t forever

I was reading one of Shannon Colleary’s posts yesterday where she commented that people who’ve been abused either become abusers themselves or enter into abusive relationships where they become victims again. I agree that both of these things can happen, and do happen. I have not been the abuser in any relationship, but I’ve certainly …

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