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Monthly Archives: November, 2015

The Incredible Woman-Serendipity

On Tuesday I had an amazing coincidence happen to me. Well, I believe it was serendipity because I totally believe in that. I have a cafe that I go to and love, but I don’t go regularly because I work during the day. But some days I need to get out of my home office …

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Our body talks–If only we’d listen

The fourth commandment still lives within us I’ve started reading The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting by Alice Miller. Alice talks about the fourth commandment where we’re commanded to love and respect our parents despite how they treat us from childhood on. She comments that this goes against our own body’s …

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Wrong mother–Right daughter

My abuser’s gone home, and for a while now I’ve been struggling with the idea of being a hypocrite. It’s within myself that I wonder if I’m being two-faced. She doesn’t come and visit that often, but I try to be myself when she is here. I succeed more or less. I have moments of …

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When abusers come to visit

I have some guests coming up for the weekend. My mother and my step-father. When I talk about being abused as a child, it was by my mother. And, yes, I do still let her into my home. Why? I have a son and he has the right to have a relationship with his grandmother …

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The good, the discouraging and the perspective

I feel pretty mixed up today. I’ve had some really good things happen and some discouraging things happen. I suppose somewhere in between them there’s balance. Good things I received a really nice message from a man on a singles site. I had shown interest in him and he let me know that he’s about …

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The dangers of denying who we are

I have a history of denying my self. I have been underweight for most of my life. I have lived my life to please others, including my parents, my boyfriends, my husbands and my son. I have denied my feelings to make other people happy. These behaviours are not uncommon for a woman in North …

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