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The way is love

The soulful power of sharing ourselves

I had a magical day yesterday. That’s really the only way I can describe it.

I belong to a church that’s amazingly in tune with energy. The Holy Spirit in us all, if you will.

Through the United Church we have a Healing Pathway group that heals people with the love in their hearts. It’s like Reiki, but with the benefit of heart energy, and anyone can go and have a healing treatment.

The treatments are free and all the healers have been trained by the United Church.

I have gone for three treatments so far, and each time I go it’s different and magically in tune with what I need that day, at that time.


Through one of my writing clients early in 2015, I learned how to heal with my heart’s quantum energy. I went to his workshops on Love Energetics healing. It was an absolutely amazing experience, so when I was looking for a church I was drawn to this one because of the amazing service they provide so selflessly to the community.

After this amazing experience we had our women’s group. Every first Monday of the month we meet at someone’s house for coffee, tea, nibblies and amazing, sharing conversation.

This time the topic was Learning to Fly and each of us shared our experiences related to how we’ve been learning or not to fly. We use a prayer stick, so each woman can only talk when they have the stick and no one can interrupt them. We sit in a sacred circle and listen.

The women’s stories are fascinating, and all so individual. And yet there are always threads of womanhood throughout the stories.

• We all talk of having experienced joy in our lives
• We all know we’ve given too much of ourselves to others to the exclusion of ourselves
• We all love our children and worry about them, not matter how old they are
• We have all been through hard life events, sometimes agonizing in their painful depths
• We are all creative and struggle with feeling selfish when we create for ourselves
And we all feel so blessed that we can share our innermost thoughts with other women we care about, and who care about us.

And the realness of the experiences these people share takes my breath away.

And I know 100% that even a few months ago I wouldn’t have been open to this kind of raw sharing.

I would’ve felt too ashamed of having a mental illness, I would’ve felt like I’d make a fool of myself sharing. That maybe they’d reject me for being weird or broken or vulnerable.

But as I sat there last night I knew within my heart that we’re all broken and vulnerable, and incredibly strong too.

One woman lost her adult son. How does she go on? She’s SO brave, and vulnerable.

One woman’s youngest is handicapped and will never be able to leave home or look after himself. How does she deal with that sadness every day? She does, and she is joyful and broken.

Some of us are writers, musicians, artists. We face our innermost selves in our work every day. We’re courageous and scared, and feel selfish a lot of the time.

Some of us are divorced and living our lives for ourselves. We have lived through deep sadness and loss of love, and we find new things to thrill us.

We are women, in all shapes and sizes.

We are real, authentic, strong and beautiful.

For the first time in my life I’m proud to be a part of a community of women.

I’ve found my tribe!

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