Writing a book is like sex


I’m a writer. Well, I guess that’s obvious, but what I mean is I’m writing a book, as well as blogging.

My YA book has been years in the making. I wrote the scene weave several years ago and only started writing the first draft in earnest in May of this year.

I have edited many books for my clients, some fiction and some non-fiction, and I have done some ghost writing too. But sitting down and writing your own story, which you thought up in your own head, is really a great trip.

I honestly didn’t know what it would feel like. I hear writers talk about writer’s block, and I wondered if that’s what I had all those years I just couldn’t get started.

But I don’t think so. It just wasn’t the right time yet, and now it is.

It’s a fantasy book similar to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, except for older teens.

And it’s set in a magical world of creatures and war and family and love, you know all the good stuff.

This is the first book in a trilogy, so I am beginning the characters and setting up their personalities and lives. I now understand what writers mean when they say their characters take on a life of their own because they totally do!

Though I clearly defined who my personalities were before I started writing, I have found that they started to morph and evolve about a quarter of the way into the novel.

Now I’m halfway through and they’re definitely changing. I love what’s happening to them and why they’re becoming someone other than who I imagined they would be.

I try to write every day and keep adding a page more, so that once I’m done my first draft I’ll have about 100 pages to add to and make more of.

I’ll have more than the bare bones, but not a complete novel quite yet either.

I will add in more description and nuances about the various characters and their traits and physical appearances, subtleties between characters perhaps that need enhancing, and then not look at it for a while and then do a full read for editing purposes.

The whole experience has been, once I actually started writing, a lot easier and more rewarding than I ever could’ve imagined.

Writing a book is like having sex, you can’t really describe what it’s like, you’ve just got to do it to know.

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