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The Incredible Woman-Serendipity

On Tuesday I had an amazing coincidence happen to me. Well, I believe it was serendipity because I totally believe in that.

I have a cafe that I go to and love, but I don’t go regularly because I work during the day. But some days I need to get out of my home office so I take my books with me and enjoy a beautiful drive by the water, ending up at the cafe.

I had gone on Monday and had no intention of going on Tuesday when after lunch I just got dressed and went. I wasn’t sure quite why.

I was sitting sipping my coffee, chatting with the owner when a woman came in. She gave the owner a big hug and ordered for herself, eventually sitting down at a table near me. We ended up talking.

At first we chatted about coffee and our health and then she said to me, “You know our bodies don’t lie.” I looked at her, more than a little shocked, and showed her the title of the book I was reading, The body never lies by Alice Miller.

We then started talking about books and I mentioned that I was reading Alice’s book to do research for my own. Then this incredible woman said, “Well then, you must read Byron Katie.”

I hadn’t read any of her work, but I’d heard of her. I said I’d read Eckhart Tolle and she said that Tolle is theory and Katie is practice. So I went to the library on the way home, took out both of the books they had of hers and I started Loving What Is by Byron Katie.

I’m halfway through. I am already changing the way I think about my story by doing what she calls The Work. And I will keep doing The Work until I feel the peace in my life I want to feel. Because I know that identifying with my personal story, my mother abused me as a child, has been tearing me apart.

The incredible thing about this woman is she only goes to the cafe when she knows she’s needed. And she said to me, “You needed me to come here today.” And I totally did. I needed guidance on my next step in my journey. I had finally decided to let go of my mother, not literally but figuratively. I had decided that I would no longer carry the story of her abusing me inside me anymore. And here was this incredible woman telling me in no uncertain terms where I needed to go.

And I listened because what she told me was a gift. And I’m reading Byron Katie and doing The Work because the universe brought me the incredible woman as a messenger on my path.

I thanked her so much and gave her a hug, and shook my head for hours after with a bit of wow and total gratitude all mixed into one.



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