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Consciousness explained

Power versus force by David R. Hawkins

Power versus force

I have had events happen in my life that I struggled to explain to myself, and they were originating from within me. The events involved incredible synchronicity and perceptions that were, at the time, inexplicable. They became clearer eventually, but not immediately.

At one point in my life months went by where I woke up during the night between 3am and 5am, but not knowing why I was awake or even what exactly I was feeling. I would get out of bed and check all the windows and doors in the house. And only at 5am or after could I fall back to sleep again. Then one day, about three months later, I saw a report on the news and found out why I’d been waking up. A man had been living across the street from us in a basement apartment, and had been getting up between 3am and 5am to wander the neighbourhood. He would try people’s doors and enter houses if he could. He was a serial rapist. He’d raped a 14-year-old girl just down the street from us. And somehow I knew he was there. I had never seen him, but I’d known deep within myself that he was there. And I made sure he wasn’t coming into our house.

This book by Hawkins is about consciousness. He’s a psychiatrist and researcher who has some fantastic ideas about how we can discern what is truth for ourselves. And as I read his book I started to understand how on a consciousness level I’d known that man was across the street.

This book has changed my life. Literally.

All the events that have happened to me that I asked myself questions about but didn’t know how to find the answers to have now been explained.

And the explanation is not complex, but instead very, very simple.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you read philosophy and books on human consciousness don’t hesitate to read this amazing piece of work.

I’m about to read it for a second time. It’s that good.


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