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The doctor’s appointment: Being a girl at the Principal’s office all over again!

What is it about going to the doctor that makes me feel as if I’ve done something wrong?

It’s like going to the Principal’s office in a way. You’re never sure if they’re going to chew you out for something you did or didn’t do. And I have a good doctor who I’ve known for 25 years, and she certainly doesn’t chew me out. Quite the contrary, actually. When I had my breakdown and was severely depressed she was amazingly supportive and understanding.

But despite all that, there’s this feeling like she’s going to find something wrong with me and blame me for it. I think when I was younger doctor’s behaved more like that. Now, they’re trained differently and with the advent of the Internet, there’s so much more information we can find out for ourselves that we are no longer as ignorant about our own bodies.

For example, I was getting repeated UTIs and I couldn’t figure out why. I made sure I was wearing cotton underwear, wiping from front to back; I was being careful. So I decided that maybe the antibiotics just weren’t working. I didn’t want to have any invasive procedures if I didn’t need to so I took a natural remedy recommended by the well-known Dr. Christiane Northrup called Uva Ursi. I used that for 7 days and it was like night and day. My bladder hadn’t felt so good in years! When I saw my doctor today I told her about it and, though she hadn’t heard of it, she was very open-minded. Medicine is changing, and therefore doctoring is too.

I likely had SO much antibiotics as a child that I didn’t need that now my body is becoming immune to it. And I’m sure I’m not alone. I’ve read that this is more and more common and becoming a problem as the population ages. My son hardly had any antibiotics. He’s lucky to come from the generation where doctors knew viruses couldn’t be treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Hopefully, I won’t always feel as if I’m going to be disciplined when I go see my doctor. With the knowledge I can now find out for myself, I can look after myself as well, and that gives me power. I no longer have to rely solely on my doctor. I can find out as much as I can myself to keep me in good health.

Not only did I take the Uva Ursi, but I also am taking cranberry capsules 3 times a day and taking extra vitamin C, both are preventative measures also recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Being proactive about our own health sensibly is a doctor’s dream. Then she’s not solely responsible for my health. After all, who knows my body better than I do? I mean, hey, my soul lives there–for now.

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