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Monthly Archives: July, 2016

Hormones speak to us–Learning to listen

I found a new health food store near my house. I say new, but they’ve been there for 22 years and I’ve been living here for 16. So new for me. I often don’t see things unless I’m looking for them. Obviously. (Slightly embarrassing.) I was in search of uva ursi for a UTI and …

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Silence is rejection

After getting some really good input from a guy friend of mine, I think I’ll leave my first love alone. Last evening, I admit I sent his sister a brief note on Messenger asking her for her brother’s contact info. And if she contacts me back, which is a big if because she’s not on …

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Feeling chicken sh*t–What can I do about my first love?

My debate is about whether I contact my first love or not. It’s been about 30 years since the last time we saw each other. He could be married and have kids. He could be single. Or somewhere in between. I feel like an inexperienced teenager again agonizing over little things. In March, I requested …

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The first boy I fell in love with

In my dream last night I was once again wanting to touch the first boy I fell in love with and who fell in love with me. I had three dreams with him in them last night, and my ache for him was just as real as it was when I sat next to him …

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The Bloggess helps end (or at least decrease) depression and anxiety as we know it!

I had a dream with rats in it last night. Then I read The Bloggess’s post for today and she talks about PokemonGo rats! The Bloggess is my total heroine! Now I totally believe I have a psychic link with The Bloggess through PokemonGo! She says she and her shrink talked about how PokemonGo is …

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Sleep is as elusive as hell

I’ve had to resort to sleeping pills again. After 3 or 4 nights of really unsettled sleep, I resorted to the pills. I don’t like needing them, but at the same time it’s such a relief to know I’ll actually sleep through the whole night when I take one. Is it my depression that’s causing …

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