Writer thanking writers

I’ve decided that there are many people I want to thank for inspiring me and totally changing my life. 

I’m going to write them one by one and tell them how much their writing, their books have changed who I am for the better.

The first will be Christiane Northrup for her books Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. And all that she has written on women’s health through her website.

The next will be Julia Cameron for her amazing book The Right to Write.

I’m also going to thank The Bloggess for her incredibly honest books. She opened her soul for us all and helped us all feel our own version of normal–whatever the hell that is.

Also Camilla Gibb must be thanked for her book Sweetness in the Belly and her memoir. Totally amazing work!

I have so many more, but not all the writers are still living unfortunately. I love their work even more for how their craft transcends time and place.

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