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Period bullshit (not!)

I had a guy, who was actually trying (unsuccessfully might I add) to date me tell me that what I said about my period was bullshit. He ACTUALLY said that to me!

He’s not the first guy (though it would be nice if he were the last). Though somehow I doubt it.

Why do men think women are lying to them when they say sometimes their period makes them feel like shit? That they just want to be left alone when they have their period and don’t feel good. I mean, fuck, it’s the goddamn truth. Ask any woman!

I mean this man had heard it from more than just me, but for his own reasons (which I can only speculate on) he believed it was a lie. He believed it had always been a lie.

Insecurity. Suspicion. Disrespect. Misogyny.

Me speculating.

But I have found that so many men expect women to be available when they want them to be. Like we, as women, are supposed to be collectively Mrs. June Cleaver.

I can only wonder why any man would want an insincere, robotic woman like June.

There I was, like countless other women, actually telling the truth and what did I get? Him saying TMI. Too much fucking information. Says  who? My natural cycle, for someone who said he wanted to be my boyfriend, was TMI?! Wow! And this guy was not a young, inexperienced man. No excuses.

But it didn’t surprise me either, which I admit is really sad. I have heard the same lame comments from various men throughout the years. However, I have learned what comments like that mean. And I stay away from any man who calls what I feel, what I share with him honestly, bullshit.

And so it doesn’t surprise me these men don’t have good relationships with women.

No, it really doesn’t surprise me at all.

Though it is pretty sad.




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