Your Word Goddess

The way is love

Sleep is as elusive as hell

I’ve had to resort to sleeping pills again.

After 3 or 4 nights of really unsettled sleep, I resorted to the pills.

I don’t like needing them, but at the same time it’s such a relief to know I’ll actually sleep through the whole night when I take one.

Is it my depression that’s causing the fitful sleep?

Is it my perimenopause?

Maybe it’s a beautiful cocktail of both.

I’ve read that it could be unresolved issues. If that’s true I may never sleep well again.

No, but seriously, for someone who used to sleep like a log, it’s really frustrating.

I don’t want to keep taking pills. I’ll become resistant to them and need more and more.

I could end up going the way Marilyn Monroe did. Though I know of the conspiracy theory, but I haven’t been sleeping with a mobster or the president and his brother so I think I’ll be okay. As far as anyone staging my death is concerned, that is.

No, I’m unimportant enough to just need to find a more natural solution.

I’m going to research perimenopausal natural supplements. Maybe that’ll help with not only the insomnia (I hate to use that word), but also the night sweats and hot flashes too.

One can hope, right?


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