Your Word Goddess

The way is love

Silence is rejection

After getting some really good input from a guy friend of mine, I think I’ll leave my first love alone.

Last evening, I admit I sent his sister a brief note on Messenger asking her for her brother’s contact info. And if she contacts me back, which is a big if because she’s not on Messenger either, I don’t need to call him. I can leave it alone.

But something tells me she won’t contact me so that’ll be just that.

And I do have a history of pursuing men who aren’t good for me, and this might be one of those situations.

I am not good with silence. And maybe I am encouraged by it, which isn’t healthy.

Silence is in a way a rejection of the other person. I experienced a lot of that as a child and it created a need in me to win love. To try and break the silence, unfortunately at almost any cost to me.

That’s an old pattern that I’ve worked hard to stop repeating.

So, I will stop it now. With a BIG thanks to my friend!


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