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Hormones speak to us–Learning to listen

I found a new health food store near my house.

I say new, but they’ve been there for 22 years and I’ve been living here for 16. So new for me.

I often don’t see things unless I’m looking for them. Obviously. (Slightly embarrassing.)

I was in search of uva ursi for a UTI and couldn’t find it at my two other regular spots.

And I love the fact that I can find new places that offer me something I need.

Modern medicine has its uses, but antibiotics were over-prescribed when I was a girl and I’ve become resistant to it.

And using something natural totally thrills me.

Going to the doctor for me is always stressful, so if I can look after myself effectively, safely and easily on my own it gives me such a sense of strength. And it helps me avoid the stress of driving into the downtown, waiting in my doctor’s waiting room for at least 45 minutes (as my stress continues to mount) and then talking with her and getting a prescription.

Invariably I get a yeast infection from the antibiotics so then I need a treatment for that from the pharmacy afterwards. It seems like such a ridiculous process, and it’s exhausting too. The UTI makes me sleepy and then the yeast infection medication does too. At the end of it all I feel like a f*ckin’ case.

Perimenopause causes our bladder lining to be more sensitive to hormone fluctuations, but I’ve also found that caffeine, alcohol and especially coffee really irritate my bladder. So I’ve stopped drinking those things and I’ve found a VAST improvement.

I even found when I was drinking caffeine that I would, at times, experience a bit of incontinence. That TOTALLY freaked me out because I’m only 44! But it did make me feel like I was losing control of my body somehow.

But I wasn’t. As Christiane Northrup says, “Symptoms are our body’s way of talking to us.” So I decided to really pay attention, listen and then act on what my body was saying. The key is that I am finally acting on it.

In the past I would pay attention for a while and maybe even listen, but I didn’t act on it, or if I did I didn’t act on it for very long. It was as if I didn’t respect what my body was telling me enough to keep acting. Well, I’m not treating myself that way anymore.

We aren’t taught as women to look after ourselves. We’re always being pushed to look after everyone else first. I have been changing my ways, and I no longer do that. It’s easier now that my son is older and also that I don’t have a partner.

The only warm-blooded creatures that I must look after are my dog and cat, and I love doing that. They bring me so much joy.

It’s so interesting what my body has taught me since I reached middle age and had my breakdown. The breakdown gave me the permission to put myself first, and ironically so has my perimenopause.

Despite the doubters who believe our hormones fluctuations are bullshit, I am here to tell you they are SO NOT.

And my hormones have helped me listen to myself, and that’s likely exactly what they’re here for.




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