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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

The everyday lives

I was sitting in the Pointe-Claire village on Saturday evening waiting. I was meeting someone for dinner and I was there early so I decided to people watch. Watching people is fascinating in its everyday simplicity. Julia Cameron talks about it in her book The Right to Write and I absolutely agree with her. I …

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Pissiness–Where does it come from and where does it go?

Have you ever felt grumpy for no particular reason, or at least nothing that you can put your finger on? That’s me for the last couple days. I’m not the grumpy type. So it just makes me grumpier to be pissy, especially when I’m not sure exactly why. Usually my strength training class drains away …

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Money and self-worth go hand in hand

I’m working on Worthy: Boost your self-worth to grow your net worth by Nancy Levin to try and get a handle on why my income goes up and down, and why I feel as if I have no control over it. Nancy Levin believes that our relationship with money is directly related with our relationship …

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Unknowingly texting with a complete stranger–Oddly it was going rather well

Last evening I was having a text conversation with a complete stranger, unknowingly. I’d texted an old boyfriend a couple days ago because I saw a photo of him on Facebook with a baby and I wanted to congratulate him if the little cutie was his. He texted back that he didn’t have one yet, …

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Bringing my angels to church

I decided to bring my angels with me to church yesterday. I know they were always there with me even when I was unaware of them, but yesterday I purposefully evoked them by name during the service, twice. My minister believes that we are all angels so I figured they’d feel in good company, and …

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Living an orphan life

As I left my strength training class yesterday I started thinking about a heartbreaking story I’d heard that afternoon and started to cry. I was driving and crying and wondering what had gotten into me. I’m not a crier. Yesterday afternoon I was at my favourite cafe and a teenage boy came in with a …

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