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Angels and spirit guides guide us every day

I’m reading Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette. A book about our spiritual guides and angels.

When I started reading it I’d heard about spiritual guides before, but I hadn’t read anything about angels. I had connected angels to religion in my head, and at church for sure my minister talks about angels, she’s even said we’re all angels, but this book has brought it more mainstream for me.

We each have a guardian angel, the 7 archangels at our service and what she calls the ministry of angels. And we’ve got all these to help us on top of our spiritual guides. I really like this idea.

I heard about her through Julia Cameron’s book The Right to Write. Julia mentions her quite a bit, and I really respect Julia so I went and looked up Sonia Choquette. It turns out she’s written over 20 books! That’s impressive!

So I’m learning about my angels and guides. How I can feel people’s energy more clearly. And how I’m connected to the universe. And how the universe looks after me. I really like that!

I could use some looking after, and who better to do it than my angels who’ve got my back and my spirit guides. cropped-blog-post-2015-208.jpg


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