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Liars love to turn the tables on you so watch out

Have you ever noticed that liars often claim they never said something and that you’re the one lying?

That guy who told me my period “excuse” was bullshit claimed he never said that to me.

He actually emailed me to say I’d misinterpreted his meaning of TMI, which I hadn’t and then claimed he’d never said period bullshit. (Please see my previous blog called Period bullshit (not))

(This is me refusing to see any more liars! Ha! So there!)

So he wrote me back a response email to tell me I’d not only “misunderstood” him but also lied in my blog post.

How did he think doing this was a good thing?

I know what he said. I don’t think my period is bullshit or an excuse, it’s a biological fact, so why would I make up something as disrespectful and angry towards women as that!? I am one for fuck’s sake!

But then I suddenly got it. He’d rather call ME a liar than own up to HIS women-hating feelings.

What a completely weak person!

And sad to say he’s not unique. I think I’ve heard it all:

  • I never said that!
  • You must have misunderstood
  • You don’t know what you’re talking about
  • I don’t remember saying that
  • You’re mistaken

Yep, I’ve heard them all. And I also know that if a guy, or anyone, would rather call me a liar than own up to their true feelings I’m a million times better off without them!

Liars begone!

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