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Bringing my angels to church

I decided to bring my angels with me to church yesterday.

I know they were always there with me even when I was unaware of them, but yesterday I purposefully evoked them by name during the service, twice.

My minister believes that we are all angels so I figured they’d feel in good company, and they were.

The congregation was smaller than usual because a lot of people are still on vacation. So the angels had lots of places in the pews to sit and listen to our amazing minister.

Our minister is truly gifted. She knows so well how to engage us in her sermon without it ever being dogmatic. Instead she is uplifting, creative, poignant, genuine, real and amazing. She shines when she’s talking to us. I say talking because I don’t feel she ever preaches.

She is far too knowledgeable and open-minded to ever need to preach to anyone. That’s why I fell in love with this church and the congregation as soon as I found it.

It has been almost a year now that I’ve been attending services and getting involved in their various events. I never miss their women’s group night. I also volunteer during the Coffee House nights when live performers come in and sing for us. They always put on quite a show and we have a lot of people in to hear them.

My experience has been so great that I can’t imagine not going to church anymore.

Of course I’ve met lots of the parishioners and have become friends with many. The women in our women’s group have taken me under their wing. It is a magical experience sharing a spiritual evening with these women. For the first time in my life I feel loved and supported and heard by a group of women. I did not have this experience in my extended family, so finding this parish and these people mean SO much to me I can hardly describe their effect on my life.

I feel part of an extended loving community for the first time in my life.





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