Unknowingly texting with a complete stranger–Oddly it was going rather well

Last evening I was having a text conversation with a complete stranger, unknowingly.

I’d texted an old boyfriend a couple days ago because I saw a photo of him on Facebook with a baby and I wanted to congratulate him if the little cutie was his.

He texted back that he didn’t have one yet, sounded pretty much like himself and that was that.

Then last night he texted me back saying, “Anyway, how are you?”

So I responded, and as the conversation went on I began to realize I might not be texting my old boyfriend.

I asked him how his cats were and he said, “I never had cats.”

I responded, “Yes, you did! What’s your name?”

He said, “Ryan lol.”

That’s not my old boyfriend’s name, needless to say.

But the funny thing was and is this guy Ryan knew a Jackie, was a programmer like my old boyfriend and that’s why the conversation went on for as long as it did.

Once I realized for sure he wasn’t my old boyfriend I apologized for contacting him, said it was an old number and said I wouldn’t bother him anymore.

He was cool about it and said, “It’s okay.”

So now I virtually don’t know the assistant CEO of Ubisoft named Ryan.

Too funny!


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