Your Word Goddess

The way is love

The everyday lives

I was sitting in the Pointe-Claire village on Saturday evening waiting.

I was meeting someone for dinner and I was there early so I decided to people watch.

Watching people is fascinating in its everyday simplicity.

Julia Cameron talks about it in her book The Right to Write and I absolutely agree with her.

I watched the parents and kids walking their dogs, the couples off to dinner, the guys off to the pub, cyclists on their way somewhere, people picking up last minute groceries at the village market. And it was all so simple and all so beautiful for that simplicity.

I was seeing the everyday that binds our lives together.

For all that people are fascinated by the glamourous lives of the stars, I would argue that the glitter loses its appeal pretty fast and that its the everyday that the stars clamour for once the glitter becomes only surface shiny.

I say this because there’s so much pretending in the glamourous life. And it gets really old, really quickly. And when you’re famous people hang out with you because you’re famous. Not because they like you, but because you’re a name.

But even people who aren’t famous can feel a bit what it must be like. Walk into a bar and you can get attention just because you’re beautiful or single or alone. But the man or woman who is paying you attention at that moment doesn’t necessarily care who you are they just want to be with you at that time. Much like I’m sure stars experience when they go to a club or restaurant. They suddenly have “friends.”

So when I was watching the regular life walking by on a beautiful summer Saturday evening I knew that only the simple life fills me up. That’s the life that I think of when I remember my past. The small moments that add up to what’s truly real.

Those are the moments I love with my son, my animals, my family, my friends.

Watching Star Trek curled up on the couch. Sitting in front of the fireplace chatting with my dad, dog curled up next to me and cat by the fire. Reading a book under the trees in my backyard, cup of tea in hand. Walking my little barky dog while she’s sniffing our neighbourhood till her heart’s content. Chatting with my son in the living room listening to him regale me about the characters in his video games or the last movie he saw. Talking with my girlfriend on a terrasse as we sip mojitos and explain our lives and dreams to each other.

These are the moments I love to live, and they’re the everyday that I live for.

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