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Monthly Archives: October, 2016

Honouring our dead–Letting go

Yesterday was our All Saints service at my church, where we honour the dead. As our minister reads out the names of the recent dead, family members and friends move to the front to light candles in their memory. It’s a very moving time, and as they file up to the front and cry and …

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Our heart’s truth

The idea of truth seems to be coming up a lot these days. I suppose all of us tell more or less the truth at any one time. And it’s interesting feeling it through different people. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves and others make decisions based on the practicalities of life. I’ve …

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Finding truth

I don’t make rules anymore. So often we make them when they seemingly make sense, but then something changes and we feel like we should (I hate that word) stick to our rules even when they don’t feel right anymore. So, I’ve given up on holding myself to my rules. Now, I’m not talking about …

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Writing, loving–inseparable

I believe it’s no coincidence that once I chose to write full time my world opened up in completely exceptional ways. I have been struggling with having the confidence to just write, write, write. I mean, a full-time writer, how can I be that? How can I make enough money doing that? How can I …

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A day of grace

The misty water was almost the colour of the sky. As the rain beat down, the water frothed a slate, roiling grey. And the world seemed to have shrunk in on itself, except for the trees everywhere. They were dancing with the rain showering their leaves, bending gently with the cool water coating their leaves. …

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Love attracts

It is a gorgeous fall day and as I drove along the smooth water, the sky was reflecting off of the light waves making their way lazily to the shore. One of those days, where you feel that there’s lots of air to breathe, lots of sky to reach up towards and that dreams are …

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