Writing, loving–inseparable

I believe it’s no coincidence that once I chose to write full time my world opened up in completely exceptional ways.

I have been struggling with having the confidence to just write, write, write. I mean, a full-time writer, how can I be that? How can I make enough money doing that? How can I get people to take me seriously if I don’t edit too?

These questions I have been asking myself for years. And once I finished my last contract I decided that I had nothing more to lose, so I’d just jump right in. So I have.

And since I made that definitive decision my life has changed completely.

All that I thought I’d lost has come back to me.

And somehow I went from almost giving up faith to having so much of it I could burst.

Despite everything I’ve read in self-help books and on Hay House and other daily affirmations, I still couldn’t have imagined how following my heart’s path could’ve changed my life so completely.

I believe that when I finally had faith in my heart, I started attracting to me many other situations that my heart wanted also.

It was as if my heart had been waiting and waiting for me to believe in it 100%, and once I did the flood gates opened and I started attracting love to me in all its gorgeous forms.

And I’m still reeling a little bit from it all. Well actually quite a bit, but it’s such an amazing feeling that it’s becoming quite compelling.

So much so that I can’t imagine ever going back.

And I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I suddenly got everything I wanted because I didn’t.

That’s not real life. But I have learned to accept that what I got was what I needed and that there’s always more to come.

And I have never believed that before.

I used to believe that love was finite, something I had to earn and that I really wasn’t ever quite worthy of it. Not a truly good love anyway.

That was until yesterday, and then those false beliefs all fell beautifully away.

And it was all relationships filled with love that taught me that love is infinite, everywhere and abundant.

And just as one relationship potentially ended another one with myself emerged fully formed.

The confidence I had to go and find to choose to be a full-time writer has also given me the confidence to love.

To fully and completely love. And I never would’ve imagined that the two were connected.

But they are so connected for me that they are inseparable.

So once I welcomed writing into my life, love came right along with it, crossing my threshold holding hands.

And now that it has happened, it makes so much sense that it’s shockingly simple.

But then often the most profoundly meaningful things in life are.

The exquisite simplicity of sleeping side by side with your lover, of holding your child in your arms, of watching your dog play, of listening to the birds sing.

Of writing for life and loving yourself and others…

So simple and so true.

I will not be the same again. And that is good. I am instead who I am fully meant to be, and this is only the beginning.

As Louise Hay says, “Only love is real.”

And so it is.








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