Your Word Goddess

The way is love

Love ripples in the water

I now realize all that happened to me before has helped me get here.

Like the ripples in the water caused by a single stone, the stone I threw got me here.

To have enough courage to love with all my heart was no small feat. And that was the stone.

I call it love.

It was not an easy path for me.

I used to believe I attracted the toxic relationships into my life.

But I now know it was that I believed I deserved them that brought them to me, which I believe no longer.

Now I face my world with love. And the world faces me with love as well.

And I’m in love.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be in love again. I felt broken inside.

But I feel broken no longer.

Instead I waded into the pool, the pool of love.

And my love is there with me.

And we frolic and touch, listen and speak. Love and sigh with contentment.

We talk of building our lives together, and being with each other.

And all my love dreams have come true.

I feel as if I’m in love for the very first time, and it’s more than I imagined.

I am renewed. He has my heart completely, and I have his.

And to this love I say I love you more every day.

You are my all and everything. Come swim with me, for all time.





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