Your Word Goddess

The way is love

You’re just all about your feelings–Don’t be


There’s nothing behind those feelings, but you’re just all about your feelings.

And, yes, we’re feeling animals, but we’re really about our principles.

Because behind our principles is where our decisions come from. They make us who we are.

So don’t get lost in all those feelings. Because those feelings can stop you in your tracks.

They can stop you from listening to your gut, to your heart. They can stop you from acting.

Our feelings say, what if this… what if that… but your principles say, I know… I can… I’m strong enough…

Because we know what we don’t want. What we won’t do. Who we’re not.

We know. Deep within us we know.

Our feelings may say we’re undeserving, unattractive, small, unworthy, conflicted.

But our principles say we can, we are beautiful, we are bigger than we know and able and ready to be.

So when your feelings bubble up past all those amazing principles. When those feelings stop you from acting, look in the mirror and say, who am I?

Because believe me, you know. You know deep in your gut, in your heart who you are, and then act based on those principles.

Don’t let your feelings make you into someone you’re not.

Remember you have everything inside of you you need to succeed.

The rest is only noise.








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