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Monthly Archives: October, 2017

Creating fiction from non-fiction: Because I’m a woman and because I can

I’ve been living in my new apartment for almost a month now and it’s beginning to feel like my own. I haven’t finished putting up all my pictures or setting up my office yet, but I’ll do that when I’m ready. The neighbourhood was familiar to me before I moved here, but the living alone …

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I’m never going to give up: Because I’m a woman and because I can (be dangerous)

It isn’t an easy thing realizing that you’ve been taken advantage of by someone you love. Some people say nice people get used all the time because they’re nice, and they let it happen. They believe the best in people. Maybe. But for me it goes far deeper than that. As a girl I was …

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I’m doing it anyway: Because I’m a woman and because I can

It was Thursday morning when I started feeling grumpy. I’d set up my day to go grocery shopping, but I really just wanted to be alone. I had also planned on having dinner with my son. That I was looking forward to. I knew I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday for me. But I went …

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Where is she? My brain that is

I’ve been sitting here trying to write wondering where my brain went today. Because she’s definitely not here with me in my living room. She must be travelling and seeing places because I feel rather otherworldly, and oddly befuddled. I’m sure I’m not the only one. (You know who you are :-)) Is it because …

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The Meaning of Life: Being true

I have experienced something recently that I am not sure how to describe. It seemed to come out of the blue. Serendipity. Synchronicity. Coincidence. People use different words to describe it. But to me they don’t quite cut it. I don’t like the word fate because it implies we have no choice. And that I …

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A new street

There are moments when we know we’ve turned a corner. When we know that what we once believed is no longer true for us. The way we were living has become too uncomfortable, too limiting, too old. And our heart and gut need to move to a different way of being, of beating, of digesting …

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