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Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Facing our inner selves is the only way to be free

If it’s not about where we are physically, but instead where we are within ourselves, everything becomes clearer. If we are willing to admit that it’s not someone else but ourselves, we can make changes that come from within us, from our heart. Sometimes that still means we need to leave a situation, like I …

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Miracles happen when you listen to your heart

Miracles happen in the most unlikely places. I was so sad that my dog wasn’t able to handle the apartment. I never expected it, and sent her to live with my dad. And then I realized that my intention was never to live alone. I wanted to live with my fiance and his kids, but …

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Writing in a cafe: Freelancing perks

I’m going to go edit in a cafe today. When I have paper edits to do, I like sitting and sipping my tea and working. There’s a nice cafe that I went into yesterday for the first time (good chocolate cake!), I’ll give it a try today. It’s conducive to serious thought with interesting interruptions …

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Right decisions are hard: I’ve had a hard year

Why are the right decisions often so hard? I feel guilty, sad, relieved and thankful all at once. My choice to live in this apartment was not only for me. I found an animal-friendly apartment for my dog and cat too. I was so thrilled that I found it and really enjoyed taking my dog …

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Writing hot and cold: My novel’s taking me years

I have been writing a book for about the last seven years or so. I’m about 80% through the first draft. It took me about three years to write the story line, and then another four years to write the first draft. Obviously, I’ve been working hot and cold on it. I really do want …

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Redefining my relationships: Feeling freed

I am redefining what my relationships are. Relationships with my family and friends, and my relationship with myself. After being caught up in rather manipulative and dependent relationships throughout my life, I think it’s time I looked at the new ones that aren’t that way. And why they aren’t. I admit the new ones feel …

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