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Netflix’s House of Cards falls down: Kevin Spacey accused of sexual assault


Reading John Doyle’s article in the Globe yesterday, Ending House of Cards is the best disruption, I have to agree with him. People have to lose their jobs before people are going to take sexual harassment seriously.

So House of Cards is over indefinitely because of the allegations towards Kevin Spacey’s inappropriate behaviour with a minor.

I’m not sure what Kevin Spacey thought he was doing when he put a fourteen-year-old boy on his bed and climbed on top of him, likely he was running on his twenty-six-year-old hormones thoughtlessly. But if he’d known he would lose his job for his behaviour way back then, would he have “controlled” his urges?

That’s the question.

I think we’re going to find out. Maybe not with Kevin Spacey. He’s “come out” after apologizing for this incident. But he’s the most recent in a long list of men who’ve been accused of sexually predatory actions.

And not only Spacey lost his job. All his co-actors and support staff and writers and so on lost their jobs too. So when one person behaves in an aberrant way others also pay the price. Like ripples in water after a stone is thrown, Spacey’s selfish and frightening behaviour affects lots more people than just him and the fourteen-year-old boy he scared.

For me that’s why I believe things will change. Because when an actor loses his job, it tells perpetrators that their behaviour will be questioned, and also helps victims feel safer coming forward.

Because if other people can do it then so can any victim and be taken far more seriously than they used to be.

I was sorry to hear Kevin Spacey was up to no-good. I like him as an actor. And if he ever acts again, I won’t be able to respect him the way I did before. And now when I think of his role in American Beauty I will never feel the same about his character.

It’s like when you find out that someone you thought you knew did something you can’t get past. You just don’t feel as if you can trust anything they do or say anymore. And you don’t really want them in your life after that. They make you feel creepy somehow, and unsafe.

So the actor loses his job and reputation to a large extent. It will affect his personal life. Apparently he’s been with men and women throughout his career, but now he’s come out as being exclusively gay.

Who would want to be with him now? Who would want to work with him? Or hire him? Who would feel safe with him? Or consider their children safe with him?

That’s a lot of ripples in the water.




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