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My tribe of women: Because I’m a woman and because I can


I have a tribe. I found them kind of by accident a little over two years ago.

My tribe is not my extended family. It’s my women’s group.

I started going to a church about two years ago that was open to alternative forms of healing. Something that was and is very important to me.

They believe in prayer, of course. But they also believe in heart-based healing, which is taught to them by the United Church.

I had already learned about heart-based, or quantum healing, from a client of mine, and had experienced it firsthand. So when I found this church, I was thrilled.

Through the church there is a women’s group open to any woman in the community whether she attends the church or not.

We are a very diverse group from all different backgrounds, age groups and upbringings.

But it never fails to astound me how, despite our differences, we all have so much in common deep down.

We are all females who’ve been brought up in a patriarchal society, so we feel the same societal constraints and pressures despite out cross-generational group.

And as I sat listening to the women last night, as we all shared our stories about our lives, I was struck by how hard life can be.

I don’t feel I’ve had an easy life. I’ve dealt with abuse, emotional and sexual. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety because of that abuse. And I’ve had difficulty choosing relationships that are healthy also because of that abuse.

But some of the women last night have had harder lives than I have. For me the most striking were the women who have had to live with the loss of a child. To me that seems the ultimate in hard.

And sometimes I wonder how they can go on. One woman said she’s had PTSD since her son died 30 years ago.

And listening to their stories puts mine in perspective.

And I believe that’s what a tribe is for. To hear you and to help you learn that heartache, pain and resilience are all an integral part of being human.

And most definitely being a woman.

So as I came home last evening still fresh with the feelings of loss, survival, acceptance and love that moves through our meetings, I knew without a doubt that I can do this thing called life.

Yes, sometimes I need help. Sometimes I cry because it all seems too much.

Other times I rage because I’m fed up with not feeling good enough or deserving enough.

But I know after spending time with my tribe that I’m not the only one.

That instead we’re all in this together.

And to me there’s nothing more beautiful or reassuring than that.





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