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Monthly Archives: December, 2017

Using plain language in self-help writing connects writers with their readers

Sometimes when I read self-help books, I have trouble with the language the writers have used to express their ideas. I’m a writer who is firmly in the simple language camp, and I’m not impressed when writers use flowery language or three-dollar words (as my mother calls them) to sound as if they “know” more …

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The A-HA Christmas moment that has changed my life forever: Gratefulness project day 23

My Christmas holidays went very differently than I expected. But not on the surface. There it was like it is every year pretty much. Eating good food, playing cards, relaxing, talking and baking. No, it was under the surface that it all changed. There was a major KABOOM, A-HA moment that, well, just slid into …

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Oneness is calm on the surface with a dynamic community living underneath: Gratefulness project day 18

As I was working on Day 5 of The Proof  by James Twyman, he answered a question I’d been writing about in my journal just an hour before. I have been letting go of my ego and I feel very peaceful inside myself, and I commented in my journal that it almost seemed boring, but …

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My ego played on my deepest fears: Gratefulness project day 17

The two months I lived on my own, I had lots of time to think about how I truly wanted to live my life. At first, I really believed I wanted to live alone. The idea of having my own space without ever being interrupted or called upon seemed like pure bliss. However, the novelty …

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Listen to the silence: Gratefulness project day 16

We become one The peaceful silence of snow falling. The sound of rain on your umbrella. The snoring of your dog. The purring of your cat. The beating of your lover’s heart. The in-breath of the universe’s air. The out-breath of your worries. The moment when time stands still. Just before the sun rises in …

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Ahimsa, and don’t forget to breathe!: Gratefulness project day 15

I started reading The Proof by James Twyman and Anakha Coman quite a while ago, and I got about halfway through and stopped. I remember a feeling of being overwhelmed, maybe even some fear about continuing, so I didn’t. While I was unpacking my books on Friday, I came across the book again and I …

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