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Using people: It never works, people know what you’re doing


I was watching a video on YouTube by, I assume, a successful entrepreneur, and he was saying that you have to pick your professional tribe carefully because if you have five professional people that you “hang out with” your income with be the average of the five people in that professional tribe.

I was like, “Excuse me!? People pay to listen to this guy?”

There is so much wrong with that it astounds me.

First of all, I understand wanting to be successful, but he’s talking about the amount of money people make as the deciding factor as to whether he’d even give someone his professional time of day.

There was no discussion about whether they had the same philosophy of business, or of life for that matter.

Secondly, where does the human factor come into that at all. If money is the bottom line then he could basically sit down with anyone as long as their income “helped” boost his through some fictional financial osmosis. I mean Trump is a successful business man but, need I say more.

It does matter who you sit down at the table with. And I’m not talking only about their income here obviously. I’d much rather sit down at the table with the Dalai Lama than someone like Trump any day.

Maybe the Dalai Lama doesn’t make tons of cash, but he’s centred in compassion for humanity. We can certainly not say that about someone like Trump, who’s really out to look after only his own (even though he is the f**king President of the United States!).

Thirdly, I doubt the other five people he calls his professional tribe would be thrilled to know he chose them based on their money making abilities alone. How creepy is that!?

Does he choose his girlfriends or wives the same way? He’ll only consider women who have child-bearing hips, good genes, an average IQ and in the correct age group for procreation?

And what about friends? Do they have to share all his hobbies, likes in music and films, food and wine, and be in the same general economic bracket too, since he wouldn’t want to be pulled down into the crab bucket by some struggling artist or up-and-coming prodigy now would he?

This guy’s whole platform on how to be a successful entrepreneur was based only on soulless ideas about acquiring more money, money, money by leaching onto other people who have basically the income he wants.

What about doing what you love? Putting your heart into your work? Doing business with people because you respect them and value them as human beings?

I don’t think this guy would even know what I was talking about if he read my blog.

And I bet his personal life is equally as sterile and controlled as his professional life because there’s no spontaneity in his ideas, and there’s certainly no room for heart.

He’s the example of a man who wants to control every little thing and count every last penny because it makes him feel as if he’s in control.

But I’ve got news for you buddy, you’re not! Control is an illusion and regular life shit will smack you down just like it smacks everyone else.

So even if you’ve orchestrated your professional tribe and your income is the average of those five people, you still could get in a car accident tomorrow and never walk again.

And I guarantee those five people you chose to spend time with solely based on their incomes won’t be anywhere to be seen when you wake up in the hospital.

Why? Because they’re likely just like you, using people based only on what they can get out of them.


woman green dress arms wide

From the series, Because I’m a woman and because I can! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor


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