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My tribe: My gratefulness project day 2

women together

My women’s group is such a blessing in my life. I consider them my tribe.

When I walk into the room filled with all the women I value so much I instantly feel safe and loved. I had not felt this way until I found them.

Last night we had our annual pot luck dinner and women’s group to celebrate the holiday season.

The theme was loss and how to express your sorrow to people who have lost someone.

It was an emotional evening, many of us cried, but there is something so cathartic about hearing other people’s stories and how they have helped handle their sorrow, and tried to comfort other people as well.

As I was listening to the stories from their lives, I realized loss is an intricate part of joy.

Loss is a part of the human condition that shapes us. And it is meant to do just that. We learn lessons from the people in our lives, and the ones who leave our lives.

They are important lessons that have little to do with us personally, but everything to do with who we choose to become.

Many people feel anger when someone they love is taken from them, even as if they are being punished and forsaken by God. But death is not personal, it is life.

I have felt angry and forsaken as well, but as I listened to the women last night I realized we all must move past our sadness and anger to a state of grace or joy to be able to let our loved ones go.

That takes time and mourning, but even for the most tragic death that is possible.

Today I am very, very grateful for my tribe. I leave them feeling better, more grounded in being the woman I am and heard.

They bless my life every day and I am truly thankful.



From the series, Because I’m a woman and because I can! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

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