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I found yoga, or maybe yoga found me: Gratefulness project day 12


Yoga, yoga, yoga.

I’m beginning to actually like it.

When I first tried it (several months ago), I found it immensely frustrating.

Moving slowly. Trying to breathe evenly. Balancing. Contorting my body.

And it’s hard. It can hurt.

How can I breathe evenly while I’m straining to balance and keep a position and it hurts?

Somehow, apparently, I can. Go figure! (And so can everyone else in the class.)

I know my yoga teacher (Brooke) will be thrilled I’m beginning to “get into” yoga. I think my body is thrilled too. My sciatica didn’t ache at all last night after yoga class.

Thank the Goddess above because the ache was waking me up.

So why do I like it now? And I didn’t before?

I think it goes along with all my other changes.

It may sound simplistic, but I just don’t see things or feel things the same way I used to.

It’s as if my blinders have been removed, and everything important to me has become a lot clearer.

I know Brooke believes yoga changes people. And I think she’s right. Or maybe people change and then find yoga, it’s hard to say which happens first.

It doesn’t really matter. It only matters that we find it.

So today I’m grateful that I found yoga.

Or perhaps that it found me.

Now I need my own mat!



From the series, Because I’m a woman and because I can! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

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