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Ahimsa, and don’t forget to breathe!: Gratefulness project day 15


I started reading The Proof by James Twyman and Anakha Coman quite a while ago, and I got about halfway through and stopped. I remember a feeling of being overwhelmed, maybe even some fear about continuing, so I didn’t.

While I was unpacking my books on Friday, I came across the book again and I put it aside. I started reading it for the second time yesterday, and I was struck once again by how synchronous our lives can be.

The book is about how we are all filled with the Oneness of the universe. That we are not separate. And that we were born feeling connected, and as we grew we learned to feel separate. He has developed this book of a 40-day practice to teach us how connected we actually are to everything and everyone around us.

He opens the book by talking about slowing down, which I wrote about only a couple days ago in my blog. I had forgotten what James and Anakha had written, so when I read that I was like, “Here I am once again finding a book on my shelves just at the right time.”

One time I was reading about a book on Facebook and it was a Louise Hay book called You Can Heal Your Life. For some reason I looked in my book shelves just in case I had it, and there it was. To this day I still don’t know how I acquired it or how it ended up in my shelves.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Admittedly, I do have a lot of books, I suppose I could lose track, but still, it was pretty amazing.

So I am reading The Proof again. It’s a daily practice for 40 days. I think it fits well with my Gratefulness Project so I will blog about both.

Yesterday, day 1 of The Proof, I was supposed to concentrate on slowing down. Ironically I had gone to my Sunday morning yoga so I was quite mellow already. Twyman and Coman suggested I focus on a word, ahimsa, all day, which I did. Ahimsa means non-violence and compassion for all living things. I put it on my wallpaper on my phone, and every time I looked at my phone I said it.

I think the holidays are a perfect time to become more contemplative. Especially when one year changes to another. It’s a time to look back and to look forward, but above all to be where you are.

It allows me to put where I am in perspective.

  • Is this where I thought I’d be?
  • Do I like where I’m going?
  • Would I do anything differently if I could do it over again?

Good questions to ask yourself.

I have certainly asked myself these questions.

My answers are no, yes, yes, respectively.

What are yours?

Today I’m grateful for my book shelves, which hold such wonderful, serendipitous gifts like The Proof.

Ahimsa everyone!

And don’t forget to breathe.



From the series, Because I’m a woman and because I can! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

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