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A new year for my soul: Being who I truly am through The Work

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A new year has begun and for me it is significant.

Even though I went to bed before midnight, and didn’t celebrate the new year with any ceremony, I still believe that starting fresh is good for my soul.

I have started reading Byron Katie’s newest book A Mind At Home With Itself, and it is exactly what I need right now. And that is no coincidence.

I have done her Work before, but kind of forgot about it and realize now it is something I need to come back to and do consistently in my life.

If you haven’t tried doing her Work, you can look it up, read about it, watch videos of it and learn just how effectively it can help you be truthful to yourself, and everyone else in your life.

The Work is four questions that help you see what’s really happening in your life, not what you may imagine is happening or even may be hoping for.

Doing The Work consistently takes a lot of courage because for me it means letting go of old patterns that felt comfortable, but were harmful to my soul.

I now take responsibility for the fact that I was spending time with people who weren’t good for me based on old beliefs about myself that were never true. I had internalized those beliefs as a child because seeing the reality of my life was simply too hard for me as a young girl.

But I am no longer a young girl and I have come to terms with my childhood and the people who hurt me. I can move beyond hurting myself because I believe that’s all I deserve and be truthful to who I am, and other people in my life.

And so on this first day of a new year, I will move beyond the pain of my childhood and take responsibility for who I am now and who I spend my time with, and how I let them treat me.

And that begins with how I treat myself.

I’m thankful for my inquiring mind and people like Byron Katie who have lived through very difficult times and come out the other side to help people be who they truly are.



From the series, Because I’m a woman and because I can! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

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