The hot and cold of novel writing: Is it writer’s block or inner growth?


I have written about 80% of my first draft. And then stopped.

I’m not sure why.

My characters are moving through my head, and sometimes I even hear them speaking to me, but for a few months now I haven’t worked on my novel. And it’s been in the works–from scene weave to first draft–for years!


I have asked myself this many, many times. And castigated myself too for maybe not being driven, being too lazy, not being able to focus, not believing in myself… The list goes on.

And as I was in the shower this morning (a great place to think by the way!) I realized that a novel is like any other work of art.

If you asked a painter why it took them years to finish a certain work, they might say they had to grow within themselves before the work finished itself. And so it is I believe with me.

I needed to get to a certain place in my own inner world before my main character could as well. And since she is coming alive through me, I guess that makes perfect sense now that I think about it.

My first draft is printing away next to me, and I will read it through to get back into the story once again. Then I will sit down every morning and write.

Wish me luck.

And I hope all you writers out there don’t give up.

Writing is a rather lonely endeavour, but the benefits are so broad.

Just think of how wonderful a beautiful book affects your heart and your soul, and remember your work could do the same for someone too.

So please, please, please, write on!



From the series, Write on! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

3 thoughts on “The hot and cold of novel writing: Is it writer’s block or inner growth?

  1. I agree. Writing is like a form of self-healing in a way. We can say things in our writing that we wouldn’t be able to say in our lives. And express sides of ourselves that others may not know about. And of course our writing engages our imagination, always good for the soul!


  2. I agree with what you said that we must let ourselves grow to be able to fully put ourselves in our work. Through writing, we could express our feelings and even create stories that would entertain readers. Some people write because it is their way to temporarily escape reality, in that world they are able to live a beautiful life. It could be very heartwarming for writers, because they get to let their thoughts out when they can’t share it to anyone. Using it as a form of expression could help us to be more open and let our minds free.


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