Journalling to honour myself: Writing has saved my life


Journalling through my life

I have been writing a journal for over 35 years. I began as a young girl as a way to express feelings I couldn’t any other way. And also feelings I couldn’t understand.

I didn’t have a safe person close to me that I could confide in. And even though my father is very kind, he doesn’t do emotions very well. Expressing them are not comfortable for him. He was affectionate with me as a child, but doesn’t say he loves me out loud. And me being very happy or excited by something or upset and crying, he just doesn’t know how to handle. Everything needs to be kept on an even keel for him.

And he was the only adult in my life who was ever consistent and reliable and kind to me.

So turning to writing was a natural way for me to express all those emotions, questions, ideas that come up all the time in my mind.

Grateful for my journal

And I’m eternally thankful for it. Journalling is something I do every morning and often before I go to sleep too. It’s like a form of meditation for me. It’s the way I talk to my inner being.

I haven’t always been able to tell myself the whole truth, and therefore I would hide certain things from other people too, but I no longer do that. I have learned that feeling ashamed of who I am hurts myself most of all.

Sometimes I felt ashamed for the way people treated me. I wasn’t in control of situations that came up when I was a child, and those experiences hurt me deeply. I carried that shame inside of me and as I matured and grew into a woman and mother they changed and came out in different ways.

My journal knows all about what’s happened to me, and I have a shelf next to my bed with all my journals from all the years. They’re my private world that I believe is sacred, and a record of me growing as a human being.

I can honestly say that I believe writing has saved me.

How has journalling saved me?

  • It’s allowed me to express things I couldn’t tell anyone else.
  • It’s helped me feel rooted in my life, and a part of something larger than just any worries or concerns I have in my mind.
  • It also brings me peace. I feel more calm and centred after I write in my journal.
  • At it helps me connect with my inner voice, and that’s been invaluable.

I was not encouraged to be truly who I am as a child, and so many people grow up that way. I was considered a black sheep by some of my mother’s family, simply because I am different. And my father’s family found me a scary element because I grew up in the “dangerous” city, while they lived in the country. There was no inclusiveness, it was more the highlighting of our differences.

I have learned that I am who I am, and as long as I understand myself it doesn’t matter if others are able to see me for who I am or not. My family doesn’t but I have my friends and my tribe who do. I have my own life to live, and journalling will always be a big part of it.



From the series, Write On! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

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