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Our women’s group does it again: Being a part of something greater than ourselves


My women’s group never fails to amaze me.

We are a group of diverse women of different ages and backgrounds, who all have experienced life from our own unique universes.

You might think that would divide us, but instead it brings us closer together as we share our innermost thoughts with each other, and let each other into each other’s universes bit by bit.

Our women’s group is a sacred space where we can express our experiences and emotions without any judgment or comment. That is what our talking stick is for. It gives the person holding it the forum to express herself completely without any input from anyone else in the room.

This is a magical experience because knowing we are being heard for who we are transforms our beings. We come to truly understand and feel that, though we are all very different in some ways, we all have the right to share who we are unconditionally. And that’s what the talking stick gives us, unconditional expression of who we are as women, as people.

We have all been dealt from a different deck of cards, as one of our members so aptly expressed, and so we cannot imagine each other’s backgrounds or experiences; however, we can listen and hear each other, and that expands our own universe that much more each time we do.

I found out last evening that we all experience the universe or God differently. Some of us hear an inner voice, have a sense of our ancestors or a presence guiding us, others thrill in the marvels of nature, and still others dream and sense a deeper universe than the one we can see around us.

I have an inner voice who is with me all the time. She coaches me on how to be kinder with myself and also helps me make choices that are in accord with who I am. I also have dreams that are warnings, messages and guide me in my waking life. This coincides with my deep ability to sense people’s psychological states. I have always had this ability, and it has taken some getting used to.

I can sense someone thinking of harming themselves, and thinking of harming other people, even when I don’t know the person and have never spoken to them in my life. I can sense when people are thinking about me and connecting with me. I can also sense when someone has a physical problem that is life-threatening or will become that way over time.

These abilities have been overwhelming for me at times, and still often are. I’m not always sure how much to intervene in people’s lives. I realize people have a right to their personal privacy, but at the same time I can feel their suffering or their energy for a reason I believe, even though I’m not always sure why.

Coming to terms with these abilities has helped me understand why I don’t like being in large crowds or in enclosed spaces with a lot of people for a very long time. People’s energies bombard me and I can feel very overloaded very quickly.

Also I can become very distracted by certain people to the exclusion of almost everything else. I cannot choose when this is going to happen to me nor can I turn it off. I can try to disregard it, but that often doesn’t work very well or for very long.

My women’s group is the first place where I’ve actually been able to talk about my abilities without feeling like I’m crazy. Other women in the group share some of the same abilities as I do in their own form, and this has been very revolutionary for me. For the first time maybe ever I feel as if I’ve found my tribe. That when I speak someone in the room will truly understand what I’m expressing, and that means more to me than anything.

Our church has helped us grow within ourselves, which is everyone’s life journey. We cannot become who we are meant to be without finding a place within us where we feel we are being authentic. And finding a place outside of ourselves where we can be authentic too is, for me, the cherry on the cake. I have never had it completely before and I am transforming very rapidly because of it.

One very important idea that I took away from our group last night was that sharing and being heard are central to being a healthy and grateful person. Being able to express ourselves for who we are frees us from feeling a division between us and other people. That “us versus them” mentality that is so pervasive falls away. And when we shed that feeling of being separate, we come to feel that we are all truly one, no matter who we are or what our experiences may be. We all bring something extremely valuable to the universe simply by being here.


From the series, Write On! by Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor

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