A timeless love: Fresh as yesterday

In my sorting and packing, I came across a short story written by a boyfriend from high school. He’d given it to me, writing a short note on the front.

That short note brought me right back to that time, and to him. I put the story aside and read it later in my bedroom. I knew I had to read it. For an eighteen year old it was surprisingly deep.

The story prompted me to look at my yearbook, because I knew he’d written something there too. Reading what he wrote broke my heart. You see only 15 short years later he’d killed himself.

What he wrote in my yearbook was so honest and true. He wrote about how he loved me, and how we loved each other. How deeply connected we were with each other. And he closed his entry by saying he’d always love me, and he was right. He did to his last moment.

I’m not sure why I found his story and then looked for his words tonight in my yearbook. All I know is that my heart broke once again for the loss of him. As it has so many times before.

Our love was timeless and never ending. That I truly know. His words were as fresh and real as yesterday. And will be tomorrow too.

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