Books are alive: I’m convinced

Books find me as much as I go looking for them.

I have come to believe they are living entities filled with the energy of their creators, including not only their author, but editors, illustrators, graphic designers and publishers.

Because of this, more than once, a book has found me at just the right moment. It’s an energy thing. I am looking for what the book can give me, I send my energy out in the world and the book that corresponds to that energy finds me. It’s serendipity at its best.

Whether I see an add on Facebook or Instagram, or I find a reference from another author allowing a book to find me, no matter how it happens, it’s no coincidence, of that I’m sure. It’s happened to me too many times for me to believe that anymore.

Once I was searching for a book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life, and something inside me said, “look in your bookcase.” So I did, and there it was. It was in that book by Louise that I found the meditation that I still do every night before I fall asleep. I still have no recollection of ever purchasing that book, and I have no idea how it ended up on my bookshelf.

A woman I knew since childhood, Sharone Maldaver, wrote a book on menopause, which I found on Amazon incredibly. She wrote it in 2004, revised it in 2005 and printed a very limited number of copies. I found the last one, and received it today. I am thrilled. She was an amazing woman and activist, and I have wonderful memories of her throughout my young life.

As I was skimming through it I found out that she wrote another book called, As long As I Remember, about the Elders in the Northwest Territories, and their stories of bush life. I am very caught up with Native writing right now and had just finished Bear Heart’s book, The Wind Is My Mother, so I am beyond thrilled that Sharone wrote a book about the Elders and their stories. I can’t wait to read it! I ordered it today.

Books have absolutely saved my life. They become like a family member for me, and I can learn so much about life in their pages, they take me somewhere else, into some else’s mind and life, and in that I feel expanded and enriched in a way I couldn’t be without their existence. With books I am never alone.

I have decided to finish my own book I started several years ago and haven’t yet finished the first draft of. I’m about 80% through and I want to finish the first draft and move on to the second draft. In that way I will be giving back some of the amazing words and energy I’ve received all these years. And it will feel so good to be able to say I finished my first book!

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