We all have it, that’s virus mania

Being outside in public today feels different. People are obviously (once again) more aware of other people being near them, and the energy they are giving off is fearful, protective and weary all at once. We are used to it so it’s like, here we are again. So when we can’t go into the vet to get our pet’s food but have to wait outside in the cold or they ask us to line up outside the grocery store it’s familiar. We’ve done all this before. Unfortunately.

Similar to the beginning of the virus, we are careful yet again to stay away from each other, not walk too close past another person and not stand too close together in line. I heard one man at the grocery store request that the rolling counter be cleaned before he would put his groceries on it. Virus mania.

We all have it to a certain extent, this virus mania. It’s impossible not to have it. Because the virus spreads from person to person we avoid and even shun the exact thing we miss the most. Other people. Contact. Connection. And that makes us abundantly cautious and lonely all at once.

In one way our reaction is natural. We don’t want to get sick, or make other people sick. We are trying to stay healthy and keep other people healthy too. But at the same time we need other people, and I would say at his point desperately. I know I do.

We know that people who have support systems through their families, churches and friends stay healthier physically and mentally than people who are isolated and mostly alone. And yet here we are being asked to limit the people we are near, how many we see and how we see them all over again. How many times does that make now. I’m afraid to count.

We are a society, a world, being isolated from the very thing that we need to live healthy lives, human connection.

I don’t see a solution. I wish I did. Well other than this virus going away that is. And that’s what we’re all hoping for. We get vaccinated, we get our booster shot, we stay home, we see only a minimum of people, we sanitize our hands and wear our mask, and we wait. We wait for the numbers to go down so we can peek our heads out of our shells slowly and explore our world anew.

I don’t want to keep hiding from the virus.

I want to go to the gym, the restaurant, on a vacation, dance, sing, go to my women’s group, meet my friends for coffee, hug and kiss people when I greet them.

But I can’t. So here I sit dreaming about the freedom we once had, and better days to come. I know they will come, but I really, really wish I knew when.

But today we still live with our virus mania all around us. It is weighty, fatiguing and isolating. And it is all we can do for now. I will try to be brave going into the holiday season. I don’t feel it, but I will try.

I guess that’s all we can really do is just tread water and keep our heads up until the virus is done with us.

Virus I just want you to know that I am already so done with you.

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