About me

Welcome! My name is Jacqueline Snider.

I’m an editor and writer with over 18 years of professional experience.

My natural talents

I’ve taken my natural talents with people and combined them with my love of editing and writing.

I love my work, and believe love is the only way to create really great copy.


For me, your book is your creative child and I will treat it with the respect, love and care it deserves.


When I’m writing my own book or one of my blogs, my writing comes from my heart.


I have a BA in psychology and am interested in human nature, our personal journeys and how we can better ourselves.

Human behaviour and the motivations behind it have always fascinated me.

Professional associations

I’m a voting member of Editors Canada.

Contact me today!

Why not contact me and see what my editing and writing services can do for you and your work.

You can contact me at jacqueline.snider@gmail.com or below.

Thanks for dropping by!