About me


I am here to share with you my journey. My journey to find my soul.

We all come to our writing life in our own ways, and for me, as with many writers, it is a calling as well as an art.

As a girl, I started journal writing to express feelings and experiences that I wasn’t allowed to have. That I had been told explicitly I couldn’t have.

Because I wasn’t heard, I needed an outlet for what I was feeling and thinking. I was told over and over I had no rights. That I didn’t matter. That I was worthless.

Being the warrior that I am, even as a young girl, I created my own expression of my feelings long before I knew what journal writing even was. I started it spontaneously as a way to not go mad. And a way to document my existence in a home where I was bullied, negated and neglected.

So, for me, it has been about 40 years that I have been writing to quell my inner shadows and to share with others who I am and where I’m going.

And most importantly of all to reinforce to myself that I exist, that I matter, and that no matter who tries to silence me, they will not, because my voice is too strong and true.

So here I am telling my story, because stories matter. People matter. I matter. You matter.

I hope you find some solace here and truth. Welcome.

Jacqueline Snider, writer and editor