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Am I really a writer? I’ll have to ask my journal

Writing to find myself I’m not sure why it took me so long to admit to myself I’m a writer. The irony is I’ve been writing a journal since I was a girl. So you think it would’ve been a natural revelation. I still keep a journal every day. It’s the way I wake up …

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5 Keys to Writing That Will Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More

These 5 keys can be used in any genre of writing. Whether you are writing for fiction or non-fiction readers, professionals reading your reports or websites, magazine readers perusing your articles or followers reading your blogs, you can craft compelling text over and over again with these 5 keys as your guide.

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Accepting I’m a writer, finally: It only took about 20 years…

Have you ever felt as if writing weren’t a real job? That saying you’re a writer is kind of fanciful, and even selfish? I absolutely have! It’s really ironic because I started reading when I was four and devoured as many books as I could from that time on. I mean I LOVE to read. …

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How fear can stall your writing: And how to get back on track, one page at a time

A never-ending novel Before I started working on my book again, I thought it would take me forever to finally finish it. I felt as if I were standing at the bottom of a really high mountain looking up, and had a long trek to get up there. The tip of the mountain was even …

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Today’s a perfect writing day: It’s overcast and raining

There are definitely days where I find it easier to go into my office, close the door and write. I don’t feel as if I’m missing anything, well at least not much. For me, the beautiful sunny days of the summer are the hardest to work on. I can take my laptop outside and work …

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A writer’s negative self-talk: It’s BS, aren’t you happy to hear?!

That negative self-talk we love to hate Do you ever hear yourself saying in your head, “I can’t make any serious money from writing!” or “I’m going to end up a starving writer or a drunk or both!” or “What if I write a book and no one wants to publish it?!” or “What if …

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