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Giving men a pass on being grown-ups: Holy s**t, I was doing it too

I consider myself a feminist. I am forward thinking and raised a son on my own, so I tried to teach him to respect women because they’re people, and treat them as people, not as a gender, the way our patriarchal society dictates. However, I fell into the patriarchal trap with a man I was …

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My daily tea

Today’s tea is a rooibos with ginger and honey loose leaf tea from Brulerie St-Denis. I added fresh Brazilian ginger for the digestive and anti inflammatory properties. The gorgeous teacup is Shafford hand painted in Japan. Simply breathtaking!

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Experiencing love: Vulnerable and glorious

How do I want to experience love? There is nothing that has ever made me feel so vulnerable or so fulfilled. Love brings out the fear and the faith in my soul. The woundedness and my devotion to healing. I feel as if I could take a course in love to help me wade through …

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How we find out who we really are: Endings and beginnings

One of my boyfriends, and the first love of my life, killed himself 14 years ago this month. I didn’t find out about it until about four years afterwards. We had not been in touch for a couple years by then. Finding out he was dead has haunted me ever since. I was not unfamiliar …

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Limited to free: Caterpillar to butterfly

Where does transformation come from? I have felt stuck in my life before, seemingly caught in a spiral that closes in upon itself. I’ve felt helpless, isolated, separate. I was truly there, feeling it, living it within my own head, my own body. As if I were shrouded in a limiting cocoon. But it was …

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Tolerance requires strength: Being gay in this world

What is it about gayness that creates such a reaction in some people? When I was in elementary school we had a gay male librarian. It was known that he was gay, even by us kids who really didn’t have much understanding of what that meant. I don’t remember anyone having any particular problem with …

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