Facing our minds through menopause

I’m reading The Change by Germaine Greer, which is her book about women, aging and menopause. I have found that menopause and aging in general about women isn’t talked about much, even among women, and Greer talks a lot about that. Women talk about their periods and their experiences of being pregnant and with childbirth,… Continue reading Facing our minds through menopause

Books are alive: I’m convinced

Books find me as much as I go looking for them. I have come to believe they are living entities filled with the energy of their creators, including not only their author, but editors, illustrators, graphic designers and publishers. Because of this, more than once, a book has found me at just the right moment.… Continue reading Books are alive: I’m convinced

Trying to make friends with my menopause

I try to be friends with my rapidly approaching menopause, but she’s difficult to get to know. One day she’s pretty mellow and laid back, and then suddenly she’s grumpy, hot all over, bloated and needing to pee all the time. Because of her I have stopped drinking caffeinated drinks because they made me super… Continue reading Trying to make friends with my menopause

Being raised by a narcissist and the fall out

I grew up with a narcissistic Mom. I don’t think that was all she was, but she certainly fit into that disorder. She was a bully, psychologically abusive, neglectful, cruel. And having to deal with that coming from her while I was a young girl has shaped who I am in many, many ways. Even… Continue reading Being raised by a narcissist and the fall out

Am I really a writer? I’ll have to ask my journal

Writing to find myself I’m not sure why it took me so long to admit to myself I’m a writer. The irony is I’ve been writing a journal since I was a girl. So you think it would’ve been a natural revelation. I still keep a journal every day. It’s the way I wake up… Continue reading Am I really a writer? I’ll have to ask my journal

5 Keys to Writing That Will Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More

These 5 keys can be used in any genre of writing. Whether you are writing for fiction or non-fiction readers, professionals reading your reports or websites, magazine readers perusing your articles or followers reading your blogs, you can craft compelling text over and over again with these 5 keys as your guide.