My copy editing and proofreading services

Copy editing services

When you contact me about editing your book, I will review a sample of your work before I begin (usually two or three chapters) and if your book is ready for the editing process, this is what I do.

I routinely edit for

  • grammar
  • usage
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • other mechanics of style
  • internal consistency of mechanics and facts
  • meaning, and clarify if necessary
  • jargon, and eliminate if necessary
  • language use, and polish if necessary

I can also edit for

  • Canadianizing
  • Americanizing
  • reading level

if requested, depending on your intended market for your book.

Proofreading services

Once your book has been edited, I can proofread your manuscript, which is the final step before the publication process.

I routinely proofread for

  • formatting
  • adherence to design
  • minor mechanical errors in copy, such as spelling mistakes or small deviations from the style sheet
  • checking page breaks
  • inserting or checking page numbers to contents and page references

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